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Back to the Prophets: Kings II — Fall 2019

This fall, we conclude our study of II Kings. This also concludes our many-years’ treatment of what is called the Primary History of the Bible: Genesis through the books of Kings. The fiery destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple accompanies the exile of much of the Jewish populace to Babylon, as well the removal of the last Davidic monarch from the throne of the ruined city. In other words, it is a tale of destruction, of seeming doom for the forbears of Judaism. Yet, hope remains! As the dramatic and sad text of II Kings is concluded with our close study, we will also read some relevant chapters from the contemporary prophets who are deeply involved in warning about (and bemoaning) the sad destiny for Judah and seeing a possible future of renewal: Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Isaiah. Of equal importance to our study will be the miraculous rebirth of a Jewish Commonwealth and the stunning emergence of the Jewish people and a reborn Judaism from Jerusalem’s ashes and an exiled community. This is not a weekly “torah-study” class, but an in-depth exploration of each chapter and verse, uncovering the religious, historic and cultural messages of the author, and the historical context of the book’s composition and its first audiences. Our class’ methods are eclectic, including text-critical and literary approaches. These are enhanced by archaeological information and contemporary scholarship, and are spiced and profoundly enriched with classic midrash and later Jewish interpretations of Biblical messages. We will read and study in English with occasional references to the original Hebrew (fully explained for non-Hebrew speakers). Class members will be expected to read a chapter or so each week in preparation for class discussions. Bring a Jewish Bible (Tanakh) to class. The more translations, the merrier!
Thursday, September 19, 2019 thru Thursday, December 19, 2019
7:30 PM to 9:15 PM
See session list below for specific session times and locations.
Educator: Ken Cohen
Contra Costa Jewish Day School, 955 Risa Road
Lafayette, CA 94549 United States

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